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Rebranding? Here Are the Best Strategies

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Strategic branding is so critical to the image of a company. Proper branding techniques create mental triggers that we quickly associate with said company. Here are just a few examples of companies that quickly come to mind based on perfectly executed branding techniques:

*When you hear Dennis Haysbert's deep resonating voice, you immediately think of Allstate.

*When you see a white pit bull with a ring around its eye, you immediately think of Target.

*When you hear the phrase "I'm lovin' it," you immediately think of McDonald's.

*When you see a talking green gecko, you immediately think of Geico.

*When you see a bouncing desktop lamp, you immediately think of Pixar.

*And we all know how this phrase ends "The best part of waking up..."

As you can see, branding is so important because it is more than just a trademark. Branding is creating an image for your company through the use of psychology and science that results in an impression that sticks with people. Because branding is so critical, it is crucial to have a solid strategy when going through a rebrand/refresh. This article will point out the best strategies your company can use when going through a rebrand/refresh.

Do Your Research

Before moving forward with a rebrand/refresh, make sure you do your research. There is so much you can learn by observing other companies in the same industries. Delve into how they are executing their branding. Analyze what about their branding works and what does not work. Learn from their accomplishments and shortcomings. By making these observations, you can know how your viewers, clients, and potential clients will best respond to the new brand.

Rebrand or Refresh?

An important thought to consider is whether to do a full rebrand or to just simply refresh your brand. Determining which option will be most beneficial for your company will help you start off in the right direction. Rebranding is very useful for companies that are adding or removing a line of business. It is also beneficial for companies that are merging or downsizing. A refresh allows for your company to improve its brand without losing the key elements your brand has already established. Altering the logo, changing the color scheme, or adding/changing a tagline or slogan can add that new energy you want to your brand without completing starting over. 

Create a Goal

Have a clear, precise goal in place. Decide what you want to primarily gain from a rebrand/refresh and strive to meet that goal. Write out a step-by-step plan. This will help you stay on track and keep the vision for the goal in sight. It will only increase your probability of accomplishing what you set out to do.

Have a Marketing Strategy in Place

Building the perfect brand is not enough. The most challenging part of the process is making people notice and love what you have implemented. Proper marketing is the tool you need to make your brand visible to the public. Make sure that your marketing strategy has strict guidelines that keep your brand consistent. Inconsistency in your brand will ultimately hinder how memorable and familiar your brand becomes to the public.  

ACE fully understands the value of a brand, and we have vast experience with managing rebranding programs. Once you have everything in place to start your rebrand/refresh, let ACE partner with you to ensure you meet your goal. 

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