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How are video boards reinventing the wheel for signage solutions in retail businesses?

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

We currently live in an age of rapidly expanding technology. Just around 30 years ago, we relied on bag phones to communicate with anyone while away from our land-line phones. When the Snake game became available, people were thrilled just to have the ability to play a game on their phones. Now, we have cell phones that are completely touchscreen with endless games and apps. Our phones are capable of doing things that we would have never deemed possible to do. 20 years ago you would have been laughed at if you said your phone could operate solely by voice commands. What about the transition from VCR to streaming everything online? Just a little over a decade ago we were so excited to be able to watch a movie without having to rewind it first thanks to DVD's. Now every movie and TV show is instantly available at the simple click of a button. So the question is, in this age of technology, how have signage solutions evolved for retail businesses? Well the answer is not a short one. The following key points show just a few of the ways video boards have changed the game for businesses to promote themselves through signage solutions.

Video boards provide more than just a name. Until recent years, businesses could only have one message on their sign. It would be limited and at most would only include the business name, their logo, a tagline, and possibly their hours of operation. With being limited to something so permanent, it could cause stress for the executives to decide what to put on their signs. If anything about the business were to change (tagline for example) it would cost the business a substantial amount of money just to change that one thing. Now with the use of video boards, things have changed. Retail businesses no longer have to limit themselves with small logos and short tag lines. They can create multiple slide content to scroll through and change as many times as desired. Video boards have opened up the door for endless creativity for signage.  Business owners never again have to be concerned with being stuck with their sign with no way of changing it.

Video boards draw more attention. Have you ever stopped watching a movie just because it was a black and white film (regardless of how good the plot may be)? Have you ever stopped listening to a song just because the beat was not entertaining (regardless of how good the lyrics may be)? Don't let your business be overlooked just because of the lack of advertisement (regardless of how good the products and services may be). We live in an era where there is too many things fighting for peoples attention. Because of this, people will quickly overlook something just because it did not immediately catch their attention. How many retail businesses did you pass on your way to work this morning? Too many to count, right? How can a business stand out from the rest, if there are so many other businesses seeking peoples attention? A video board is an excellent tool to help a business stand out from the rest and grab peoples attention. There are many factors that make this true. The following are just a few of those factors:

*The ability to have motion graphics. Motion of any sort is always going to catch someones attention before something stationary.

*The ability to have vibrant colors. Video boards use RGB lights that allow the sign to create any color of the spectrum. Who is not drawn to stunning colors?

*The ability to change content. Let's face it, once someone has seen something once, they do not pay much attention to it any more.

Video boards provide the perfect promotion for limited time sales. One of the driving forces of any retail business is the use of sales. Who does not want a good deal that saves them money? Because this is such a key element in retail businesses, video boards become a vital element for promoting those sales. What better way to advertise that your business is having a sale, than to have it flash across a 10' wide video board screen!

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