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Pole Sign

The Pole Sign: A Tried and True Solution

Not all signage solutions have to be fancy or cutting edge. Sometimes the simplest solutions work the best for certain businesses, especially those on strict budgets. The pole sign is a classic symbol of advertising and perhaps the most effective means of making businesses and name brands visible to the general public. The famous golden arches of the McDonald’s restaurant chain is just one example of successful pole signage.
The roadside is a prime environment for pole signs thanks to the sheer volume of passersby. Motorists can easily spot these signs from miles away, making them the best choice for attracting attention. Pole signs also work in cases where there’s no direct access to nearby roads and for businesses with no direct access to main thoroughfares.
Do you think a pole sign is the right choice for your business? Contact us at ACE Signs and learn more about your signage options.

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