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Hotel Signs

Backlit Hotel Signs Add Style and Class

The right signage means everything when it comes to your hotel. The more your hotel signs stand out from the crowd in an aesthetically pleasing way, the more customers you’ll have in your front lobby. Backlit hotel signage stands out for adding a touch of class and sophistication to your hotel’s façade.
The soft halo effect provided by a backlit sign adds a unique touch to your building’s exterior while catching passersby’s interest. Certain lighting and letter color combinations also provide a pleasing contrast against your building’s façade, especially as the daytime gives way to dusk. At night, the impressive effect clearly shines through, adding a sense of mystery and suspense for curious onlookers and potential customers.
If you’re looking for an elegant signage solution, get in touch with the experts at ACE Signs. Our team of craftsmen and graphic designers can create backlit hotel signs that make your business stand out.

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