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Digital Signs

5 Best Practices for Digital Signs

Digital signs provide a powerful way to advertise your business and draw customers’ attention. However, you should always keep these best practices in mind for your digital signage to succeed: 

  • Keep your content legible. Make sure your content can be easily seen from 5 to 10 feet away. Use large, Sans-Serif fonts to enhance legibility.

  • Keep your content fresh. Never let your displays get stale. Always update content according to your space’s dynamics and advertising patterns.

  • Keep viewing patterns in mind. Know what works for your digital sign’s specific location and tailor your message to those areas.

  • Keep things simple. Clutter can kill your messaging and turn off potential customers. Keep your visuals simple yet interesting and keep text concise.

  • Refine your call to action. A strong call to action can win over new customers and keep existing customers loyal. 


Contact us at ACE Signs today and see how we can create the digital signs your business needs to succeed.

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